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  • the POWER of YOU

    As featured in Femme Country, Spring 2024 Edition In the bustling world of entrepreneurship money can often become a central drive, but for trailing businesswoman, Moira Johnston, her currency of success is measured in the amount of lives she transforms. Editor-in-Chief, Brontë Clare Mitchell, sits down with Moira to chat all about her unique blend of business acumen and therapeutic expertise, and how her sessions challenge stereotypes. Living in the picturesque tranquility of the countryside can be a dream for many. Yet, the reality behind the idyllic landscapes and serene plains can be extremely isolating. The vast distances and often sparse populations can leave some feeling disconnected and alone. However, amidst this isolation, a woman has created a beacon of hope, one which offers solace and support to those who feel stranded in the rural community. Working in the city as a lawyer, Moira Johnston spent much of her time commuting back and forth from her rural home in East Lothian to Edinburgh. Whilst enjoying every moment of it, she always felt that she wanted more outside of the serious world of the courtroom. She knew life in the city was vibrant and exciting, but having come from a rural background herself, she always felt a tug pulling her back to home ground in the country. Amidst the scariness of change, taking the leap to stay in East Lothian ended up being the start of another career journey for Moira. Growing up surrounded by serene beauty of rural landscapes, Moira witnessed firsthand the silent struggles of her community – the stress of farming life, the isolation of remote living, and the burden of unspoken emotions. Inspired by her own experiences and fueled by a deep-seated desire to help others, she embarked on a path of self-discovery, exploring various modalities of healing until she stumbled upon the transformative power of hypnotherapy during a private session. “Since an early age I’ve always noticed that mental health has been a subject frequently pushed aside or avoided when it comes to those in the farming or rural communities. We are slowly seeing more support and awareness being shared about mental health within the countryside, but I felt there was more that could be done.” Retraining with the prestigious Clifton Practice, Moira gained a diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, with an aim to start up her own business and change societal views on mental health in the rural sector. The ten-month course provided her with a highly effective therapeutic framework guided by a Solution Focused approach. Fast forward to today and Moira is rewriting the narrative of mental health support in the countryside, one session at a time. But, just what is hypnotherapy some of you might be asking? Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a type of talking therapy that incorporates psychotherapy with hypnosis. It utilises modern and well researched strategies, differing from other types of therapy in that it does not dwell on past traumas or events. Instead, it looks at what you want to achieve, the solution, and identifying what small steps can be taken to achieve that. By helping her clients to start focusing on the solution rather than the problem, along with giving them the ability to create their own bespoke tool kit, all of her clients get the very best out of themselves no matter what challenges life throws. “Hypnosis is a very normal and natural thing to do. We actually do it all the time, when daydreaming or watching television, we just don’t realise it. In my sessions hypnosis happens when the conscious and subconscious mind come together in focused attention using guided relaxation. It enables clients to relax on a deep level and let their imagination guide them through positive suggestions, to help them achieve their goals. All of my clients are fully in control throughout the session and can bring themselves out of a hypnotic state at any point. My drive to help my clients feel refreshed, relaxed and energised after hypnosis, leaving with an optimal feeling and ready to get the best out of themselves and the day ahead. Whether that is mucking out horses and getting ready for a competition or feeling motivated to complete farm paperwork.” One of the unique strengths of Moira’s approach lies in its integration with nature. Recognising the restorative power of the great outdoors and the animals that live in it, she often invites her Labrador, Tara, into the sessions. ‘‘Most clients do have their own dogs so this is a great way to build rapport and inject some fun into sessions. I’m also excited to announce that our new therapy donkey in training, Sally, will also be available during sessions and I can’t wait for new and existing clients to meet her!” Moira is deeply committed to making mental health support accessible to all, regardless of their geographic location or financial means. In addition to in-person sessions, she offers virtual consultations via video calls, ensuring that individuals in remote areas can access the support they need from the comfort of their own homes. By leveraging technology and innovation, Moira continues to break down barriers creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for all. As the demand for mental health support continues to rise, Moira also remains steadfast in her commitment to empowering women in the countryside. Whether they find themselves wanting to work on their clay and game shooting performance, or it’s simply about being confident in the saddle, more and more women are approaching Moira for customised hypnosis to achieve their goals. “It was important to me that my love for all country pursuits was incorporated into the business. It brings me such fulfilment to watch women in the countryside believe in themselves after our sessions and achieve in the fields. While physical attributes are often the most visible aspect of sporting performance, mental skills play an equally significant role in determining one’s success. By addressing our emotions and considering how our mental health affects our ability in sport, we can enhance our performance, optimise our training and sustain long- term success both on and off the field.” What sets Moira apart is her unwavering dedication to each client’s individual journey. She fosters a safe and nurturing environment, where clients feel heard, understood, and supported. Her approach is holistic, addressing not only the symptoms but also the underlying emotional and psychological factors. But that’s not all, Moira has undertaken further training to work with children and young adults. “Whilst growing up can be challenging, it’s imperative to recognise that it is also a period of immense growth and self-discovery. For children, navigating moving schools can be tricky and for young adults the exam phase can increase both academic and personal pressures. Whether you’re seeking support for your children, partner or yourself, I will make sure you emerge through any phase of life with a greater sense of resilience self-awareness and personal fulfilment.” If you thought Moira’s career portfolio couldn’t get any bigger, it does! She is also a qualified hypnotherapy practitioner for pregnancy, supporting women through fertility, the birthing process and post pregnancy. For many having a baby is such an exciting time, but it can also be physically and emotionally stressful as our bodies start to change. “Hypnosis can address everything from fears and concerns to improving your sleep quality and managing pain. Whilst we should never use it as a replacement for medical care, it can be a valuable tool for promoting maternal well-being and creating a safe space for mothers in the run up to birth.” As Moira says, you really do have to experience Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to really appreciate the power it has! You might also recognise her business, from the Femme Country Magazine Annual Fashion Show. As a sponsor, Moira was delighted to attend and promote the importance of her work through an event which highlighted every sector in the countryside landscape. We are ever so excited to welcome her back as a sponsor for the 2024 fashion show, which will be taking place in Autumn of this year. Moira explains that setting up her own business has been exciting venture , but not without its challenges. But since moving away from her previous job in the city, it has allowed her to achieve a wonderful work-life balance and enable her to help with the running of her husband Steven’s game farm when needed. For an informal and confidential chat or to learn more, get in touch.

  • Cleaning for the Soul with Moira Johnston Hypnotherapy: A Transformative Journey

    As featured in The Cryer, East Lothian 14th February 2024 As the blossoms unfold and daylight extends its embrace, a yearning to refresh our physical surroundings arises naturally. Yet, what about the recesses of our minds? Moira Johnston Hypnotherapy extends an invitation to embark on a unique spring cleaning for the soul - an immersive journey guided by Moira's expertise in solution focused hypnotherapy (SFH). Moira distinguishes herself as a hypnotherapist with a penchant for solutions, dedicated to aiding individuals in rediscovering their inner strength and resilience. Based in East Lothian, Moira brings a contemporary and well-researched approach to hypnotherapy. Unlike traditional therapeutic methods that delve into past traumas, SFH centres around the pursuit of what you want to achieve - the solution. This empowers individuals to identify and take incremental steps toward their goals. Adding an endearing touch to Moira's sessions is Tara, a charming 5-year-old Labrador. Beyond being a therapy dog, Tara emerges as an integral part of the healing process. By request, Tara may join sessions, contributing comfort and companionship. Tara's favourite pastimes include serene snoozing, relishing snacks, and lavishing clients with attention. Her tranquil presence elevates the therapeutic environment, cultivating a safe space for exploration and growth. Spring, the season of renewal, serves as the backdrop for Moira's specialty in guiding individuals through a mental refresh. Hypnotherapy emerges as a potent tool for addressing various conditions, notably the pervasive grip of generalised anxiety. Moira's sessions strategically shift the focus from problems to solutions, imparting practical strategies to manage anxiety and nurture resilience. In a society entangled with stress and uncertainty, Moira's solution focused hypnotherapy stands as a beacon of hope. The process empowers individuals to envision a positive future, fostering a mindset conducive to the attainment of their goals. Each session is meticulously tailored to individual needs, ensuring a personalised and transformative experience. Through solution focused hypnotherapy, the emphasis is not on dwelling in the past but collaboratively defining a desired future. Spring cleaning the mind becomes a liberating process, making room for positivity, confidence, and self-discovery. This spring entrust your mental well-being to Moira. Whether grappling with anxiety, seeking personal growth, or simply aiming to rejuvenate the mind, Moira's expertise, complemented by Tara's comforting presence, presents a holistic approach to spring cleaning for the soul. Feel free to reach out to Moira to schedule your session and embrace the season of renewal with open arms. Your transformative journey awaits. Contact Moira to book in your appointment 07527 271 595

  • Unlocking Potential: The Advantages of Hypnotherapy in Sports Performance and Competition

    In the world of sports and competition, athletes are constantly looking for ways to gain a ‘competitive edge’. From rigorous training routines to strict diets, they leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of excellence. However, one method that has been gaining traction in recent years is hypnotherapy – a powerful tool that has proven to have numerous advantages in sports performance and competition. Let’s dive into the advantages… 1. Mental strength and focus One of the key benefits of hypnotherapy in sports is its ability to enhance mental strength and focus. Through guided relaxation and visualization techniques, athletes can enter a deep state of concentration, free from distractions and negative thoughts. This heightened focus enables athletes to perform at their best, staying in the zone and making split-second decisions with clarity and confidence. 2. Overcoming performance anxiety and stress Every athlete has experienced performance anxiety or stress at some point in their career. These emotions can be overwhelming and hinder performance. Hypnotherapy helps athletes manage and overcome these challenges by reducing anxiety levels, controlling nerves, and replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations. By reprogramming the subconscious mind, athletes can break free from self-doubt and perform to the best of their abilities. 3. Mental rehearsal and skill improvement Hypnotherapy allows athletes to utilize the power of mental rehearsal. By vividly visualizing themselves practicing and excelling in their sport, they can improve their muscle memory and technique without physically exerting themselves. This technique has been proven to enhance skill development, increase confidence, and improve overall performance in competitive settings. 4. Boosting motivation and self-belief Motivation and self-belief are crucial factors in sports performance. Hypnotherapy helps athletes tap into their inner resources and cultivate a winning mindset. By addressing any limiting beliefs or negative self-talk, hypnotherapy allows athletes to build a strong sense of self-belief and motivation, pushing them to new heights of success. 5. Enhancing recovery and injury healing Sports often come with physical injuries and recovery periods. Hypnotherapy can play a significant role in the healing process by reducing pain, accelerating recovery, and promoting overall well-being. By accessing the power of the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy aids in relaxation, stress reduction, and fostering a positive mental attitude, all of which contribute to a speedier recovery. Overall, hypnotherapy offers a wide range of advantages in sports performance and competition. From developing mental strength and focus to managing anxiety and stress, it has the potential to unlock an athlete's true potential. By harnessing the power of the mind, hypnotherapy can enhance skill development, boost motivation, and aid in the recovery process. It’s no surprise that more athletes are turning to hypnotherapy as an essential tool in their pursuit of excellence. If you have a competition coming up and think that you’d like to try and settle those pre nerves or put those worries to bed, take an hour out of your day and get in touch to book in your first consultation!

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